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Скачать Media Player Classic Home Cinemaх64 new
[ · Скачать удаленно (5.8 mb) ] 23.07.2011, 20:15
Media Player Classic HomeCinema – удобный во всех планах мультимедийный проигрыватель. Он построен на базе классического плеера Media Player Classic и одного из лучших наборов медиа-кодеков ffdshow, и благодаря этому может проигрывать многие форматы видео и аудио файлов без установки внешних кодеков. Этот плеер имеет большое количество различных функциональных возможностей: он умеет воспроизводить DVD диски, умеет аппаратно декодировать популярный формат H.264 на видеокартах последнего поколения, умеет корректно работать со вторым монитором (телевизором), поддерживает различные виду субтитров, умеет работать с форматами QuickTime и RealVideo и т.д. Плеер имеет небольшой размер и полностью понятный и не перегруженный излишними функциями интерфейс, переведенный на 14 языков.
Внимание! Для корректной работы программы проведите обновление DirectX до версии 9.27.1734 ( 09/08/2009 ).

Поддерживаемые форматы файлов: WAV, WMA, MP3, OGG, SND, AU, AIF, AIFC, AIFF, MIDI, MPEG, MPG, MP2, VOB, AC3, DTS, ASX, M3U, PLS, WAX, ASF, WM, WMA, WMV, AVI, CDA, JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP, D2V, MP4, SWF, MOV, QT, FLV, MKV.

Изменения в программе Media Player Classic HomeCinema (22-07-2011):
New :
Added optional fp32 (full float point) processing, fp16 is now half float point
Support for BluRay chapters
Added Hebrew translation (beta version, the right-to-left layout is not applied to all dialogs yet)
You can switch between the remaining time and the current time by clicking on the time itself on the toolbar
Ticket #29, Added an option to make the player on top only when playing video files. When using this option, the player won`t be on top when playing an audio-only file
Ticket #1216, Added a "Clear" option to the playlist context menu
Ticket #1224, Added OSD messages when changing the audio boost and the audio balance
Ticket #1311, Added an "After Playback" => "Lock" option
Ticket #1350, Added a time tooltip for the seek bar whose position can be specified (above or below the seekbar)
Ticket #1377, Keep the same playback speed for all the items of the playlist
Ticket #1382, Added an OSD message when taking a screenshot
Ticket #1487, Show the saved position for favorites with "remember position" enabled in the "Organize Favorites" dialog
Ticket #1489, Add the ability to open favorites from the "Organize Favorites" dialog by double-clicking on an item
Changed :
The filters` settings are now saved in [HKCUSoftwareGabestMedia Player ClassicFilters]
Improved the OSD message when changing the playback speed
The hand cursor is not used anymore for the video frame unless the mouse pointer hovers a button in a DVD menu.
Ticket #519, Replace the "Next (Previous) Playlist Item" command by a "Next (Previous) File" command which can also be used to play the next (previous) file in folder without stopping at chapters.
Ticket #559, Replace jump forward and backward buttons in Windows 7 taskbar by next and previous buttons as they are probably used more often.
Ticket #846, Use a different program id for x64 builds so that there is no conflict over file associations between x86 and x64 builds.
Updated libpng to v1.5.4
Updated MediaInfoLib to v0.7.47
Updated ZenLib to v0.4.20
Updated SoundTouch to v1.5.1pre r104
Updated Little CMS to v2.2
Updated libdca to SVN r90
Updated French, German, Hungarian, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian translation
Fixed :
Ticket #20, [MKV] 2 or more video streams get played back simultaneously on top of each other
Ticket #71, [MPEG] LPCM mono causes 50% playback speed
Ticket #199, [MpegSplitter] no video with some files
Ticket #285, Ambarella AVC not correctly splitted by MPC-HC`s internal MP4/MOV source filter
Ticket #384, disable Relative drive
Ticket #613, Bugs of MPC-HC Dialog Fonts
Ticket #622, Favorites are now correctly saved when changing settings location from registry to ini and vice versa.
Ticket #740, Make EVR Sync stats better looking
Ticket #760, Fixed playback of old .mov files with `raw`, `twos` and `ima4` audio
Ticket #805, EVR Custom scanline and refresh rate detection fails occasionally, causing superspeed video
Ticket #829, MPC-HC plays recent BBC HD recordings with no video
Ticket #965, Add Full File Path Parameter to Status.html
Ticket #989, Sliders at options are consistent with volume slider. Scroll/button up will move slider up (increase the value) while going other way, scroll/button down will decrease the value.
Ticket #1029, MPEG-2 Profile detected incorrectly with MPEG splitter
Ticket #1032, MPC-HC x64 does not work with Flash 64-bit
Ticket #1059, Don`t add files to Windows recent files list when "keep history of recently opened files" is unchecked.
Ticket #1128, Thumbnails wider than 2048p
Ticket #1157, The mute button had no effect if triggered during startup
Ticket #1178, Fix OSD messages when toggling "Screen Space Pixel Shader" on/off
Ticket #1212, Playing "Recent File" clears playlist, even though playlist contains file
Ticket #1220, MPC fails to play specific MKV files
Ticket #1251, If the window is maximized, it will stay maximized when removing the caption or the menus. The video frame will be extended rather than reducing the size of the window.
Ticket #1321, IMpegSplitterFilter uses CString - should be WCHAR or BSTR instead
Ticket #1383, Fix OSD positioning: messages displayed at the top-right of the window before going fullscreen were incorrectly positioned after switching to fullscreen
Ticket #1483, Wrong order of "Video" and "Audio" in "Properties -> Details"
Ticket #1509, Fix the "Prev Angle (DVD)" hotkey and add an OSD message when changing the angle using the hotkeys or the "Navigate" menu
Ticket #1515, Disable "Disable Desktop composition (Aero)" menu entry on XP
DVB, Channel switching for H-264 services is more stable now
Some OSD messages were not translatable
Use the correct icon for the message box appearing after the online subtitles database has been tested: the warning icon was always used even if the test was successful
Numerous other bugfixes
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